Brave Hearts.

Author:Hibbard, Cheryl
Position:Book review

Carolyn Hart (author); BRAVE HEARTS; Seventh Street Books (Fiction: General) 13.95 ISBN: 9781616147983

Byline: Cheryl Hibbard

The mood and reality of WWII are captured with historical accuracy in this gritty melodrama.

Best known for her mystery novels, Carolyn Hart has published more than four dozen books over the course of her career. With twenty-one titles to date, her Death on Demand series has continued to attract fans for over twenty-five years, but mystery readers may be less familiar with her work in other fiction genres. Several of her older novels are now being reissued, including 1987s Brave Hearts, a romantic suspense novel set during WWII in London and the Philippines.

Hart captures the mood of wartime London from the first page. Diplomats, lords, military officers, members of the press, and their respective female companions drink champagne and dance the evening away in the glamorous River Room at the world-famous Savoy, exhibiting a "ferocious determination to have a good time," while "waiting for the bombing to start." Inevitably, it does.

Among the crowd at the Savoy that night are Spencer Cavanaugh, an American with the State Department, his wife, Catherine, and American newsman, Jack Maguire. Romance is as inevitable as the falling bombs. Within days, Catherine is nearly killed in a bombing raid, and Spencer is reassigned to Manila as a special envoy. Ever the dutiful diplomat's wife, Catherine must go along. Spencer arranges for his secret love, his secretary, Peggy, to join the group as they head for the Philippines, and Jack, already in love with...

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