Brave Enough.

Author:Thureson, Catherine
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Kati Gardner; BRAVE ENOUGH; Flux (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 11.99 ISBN: 9781635830200

Byline: Catherine Thureson

Davis has been through a great deal in his young life. He is a drug addict and, after being convicted of possession with intent to distribute, he has been sentenced to community service in the children's cancer ward where he was once a patient.

Cason is a ballerina. She works professionally for the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory and dreams of moving to New York. She has been dancing through the pain of what she thinks is a strained thigh, but at an important audition, a snap and searing pain tell her that the injury is far more serious.

In Brave Enough by Kati Gardner, Davis and Cason are brought together at an incredibly difficult time in their lives. Davis is fighting to stay sober; Cason is fighting a new and horrifying illness and is terrified that she may never dance again. Though they are virtual strangers in the beginning of the book, it is the connection and support that they find in one another and in their shared...

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