Branding/customer acquisition.

PositionIDEA BANK - Brief article

Let's Create Tomorrow, Together

Institution: Banner Bank, Walla Walla, Wash.

Asset size: $4.7 billion

Agency: Creative Media Development Inc. (CMD), Portland, Ore.

When the commercial bank recently overhauled its website, it decided to launch a marketing initiative to coincide with the unveiling of the site. The bank has 90 locations in the states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The idea was to coordinate the look of future media advertising with the design and feel of the website. The campaign emphasizes the institution's customer-centric brand by featuring customer profiles.

The multimedia campaign included bus ads, online ads, print ads, and TV and radio spots.

"We've received resoundingly positive feedback from clients and employees alike," says Dianne Larsen, senior vice president/direct of marketing. "We're especially thrilled that our clients want to be featured in our ads. It's a great testimony to how they view our relationship."

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