Brand Marketing and Franchise Development: Why, How and When Should Franchises Prioritize?

Author:Leconte, Michel

The Why

The success of any franchise, regardless of the market or industry, relies on a few key ingredients: Concept quality, market size, sales growth and the acquisition of new franchisees.

With a unique understanding of their communities' needs, franchisees are best positioned to sell locally, drive overall brand growth, and in the process, attract new prospective investors to the franchise development team.

In theory, that observation rings equally true in the digital world. Hence, the birth of franchise digital marketing platforms.

These comprehensive, integrated digital marketing systems facilitate franchisees local sales lead generation, and enhance your investment value proposition.

The How

Surprisingly, many emerging franchisors seem to miss the point, at least when it comes to, digital marketing when selecting sales automation platforms.

While these might offer a centralized planning mechanism to control the brand's image, and sometimes help implement best practices, they usually fall short of handing franchisees the freedom to tailor their multifaceted web presence to unique localities.

As a consequence, they miss a tremendous opportunity to drive growth by harnessing the unparalleled power of the "Wikipedia effect" (*).

In short, search engines routinely favor content that is segmented across a number of domains--links spread across root domains being a sign of higher quality. Franchise networks, therefore, are well positioned to amass outstanding search performances if they can leverage their online footprint.

In order to do so, you need a truly distributed solution, one that lets franchisors centrally manage marketing and SEO, while geo-targeting websites and hosting them around their respective territories.

Unfortunately, most franchisors, oblivious to this, pick legacy franchise marketing platform that compromise their digital growth prospect.

On the other hand, a modern distributed "hub & spoke" architecture can unlock the power contained within a web of franchisees websites, and turn it into an compounding advantage rather than a hindrance.

The recipe for franchising brand digital success is to turn scale to your advantage for both overall sales turnover and brand development efforts.

The When

This also has a far-reaching implication for franchise development, especially in the early days of the newly franchising business. A properly designed, distributed brand network will also greatly benefit your franchise...

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