Boyle Transportation, Inc.

PositionINDUSTRY MEMBERS--Chairman's Circle PLUS

Boyle Transportation, Inc.

15 Riverhurst Road, Billerica, MA 01821 800-343-2004 *

Marc D. Boyle, President & CEO

COL Enrique Araniz, USA (Ret.), Director of Operations--West

Scott Ryan, Vice President of Operations

Michael Collins, Operations Manager

Boyle Transportation is the premier provider of transportation protective services (TPS) to the Department of Defense, the defense industry, and to shippers of high-value cargo. Boyle provides Constant Surveillance Service (CIS); Dual Driver Protective Service (DDP); Protective Security Service (PSS); Protective Tarping Service (PTS); Satellite Motor Surveillance (SNS); and Trailer Tracking (DCS).

Boyle Transportation operates within the most stringent safety and security guidelines in the industry, making us the most trustworthy carrier. Our layered approach to security includes:

* State-of-the-art equipment, proven safety technology, redundant tracking systems

* No third-party operators or independent contractors

* Compliance with National Industrial Security Program for classified material

* Industry leading safety performance

* C-TPAT certified and compliant with TSA's recommended security action items


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