Bowler, Tim. Apocalypse.

Author:Rohrlikc, Paula
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BOWLER, Tim. Apocalypse. Simon & Schuster, McElderry. 352p. c2005. 1-4169-0370-4. $16.95. S

Kit and his parents are shipwrecked on a bleak and peculiar island, where compasses and watches don't work and eerie cries rise from the sea. The island is inhabited by a hostile group of religious fundamentalists, and Kit witnesses them clubbing to death a strange man--a man who looks just like himself as an adult. Kit spots a young woman who seems like an outcast, and goes off to look for her in hopes that she will provide help. When he returns, his mother and father are gone, and Kit and the girl must figure out a way to evade the murderous...

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