Boundless Bio has completed a $46.4 million Series A financing. Boundless Bio is leveraging new discoveries about the role of ecDNA in driving cancer growth, resistance, and recurrence to develop the first ecDNA- targeting medicines and transform outcomes for patients with high copy number, focal gene amplification cancers, which historically have been very difficult to treat. The company's joint lab and office headquarters is based in the biotech hotbed of the Torrey Pines region of San Diego, California.

The financing round was co-led by ARCH Venture Partners and City Hill Ventures, with participation from Vertex Ventures, GT Healthcare Capital Partners, Boxer Capital of the Tavistock Group, Alexandria Venture Investments, and other undisclosed investors. The funds raised will be used to cement a leadership position in the emerging field of ecDNA biology by continuing to build technology capable of identifying and characterizing ecDNA-driven tumors; identifying and validating novel cancer targets; and developing targeted, proprietary treatments that exploit ecDNA's unique vulnerabilities. Initial programs are directed to high copy number, focal gene amplification solid tumors, where ecDNA are believed to be a primary driver.

Scientific Approach

Boundless Bio was founded by a team of pioneering cancer researchers, led by Paul Mischel, M.D., a Distinguished Professor at the University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) School of Medicine and member of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, who is a forerunner in understanding the role of ecDNA in cancer pathogenesis and evolution. Mischel led efforts to interrogate ecDNA, which are identified with high frequency in nearly half of all solid tumor cancers and thought to be one of the key drivers of the most aggressive cancers specifically, those characterized by high copy number amplifications of oncogenes. ecDNA are large...

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