Boring, Justin & Hildebrandt, Greg. War on flesh.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BORING, Justin & HILDEBRANDT, Greg. War on flesh. Art by Tim Smith 3. Tokyopop. 192p. illus. c2005. 1598160702. $9.99. SA

Horror fans will love this first volume of a horror manga from Tokyopop. Witch doctor Ew Chott Channy declares war on the living, but he and his wife are slain before he can unleash his undead hordes upon the world. Unfortunately, his bloodline lives on. Hundreds of years later, 13-year-old Jean Tois is murdered by a gang, causing his father to renounce God, lose an eye and kill a priest (in that order). Enter Mondo Caine, a witch doctor who looks like a Sumo wrestler with a mohawk. Mondo Caine promises to resurrect Jean Tois ... for a price. Tois's father, who has already lost an eye, chops off his left testicle to save his...

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