Boomer Brands.

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Boomer Brands

Barry Silverstein

GuideWords Publishing

9780996576031, $12.95, PB, 194pp,

Synopsis: Those Saturday morning TV shows that entertained the childhood of the Boomer generation were not just for their entertainment, they were also vehicles for brand advertising. Those television commercials and 'product placements' were how Boomers first got to know cereal, soft drink, and snack food brands. The "Boomer Brands" they knew and loved then, members of the Baby Boomer generation still remember to this very day.

"Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands That Shaped Our Childhood" by freelance writer and retired direct marketing/brand marketing professional, Barry Silverstein is unique book that essential takes a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the beloved brands Boomers first met in the 50s and 60s.

Brand maven Barry Silverstein shares "Boomer Brand Cameos" of over fifty of the brands Boomers grew up with including: Disney, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Good Humor, Howard Johnson, Hush Puppies, MAD, Ovaltine, Twinkies, WIFFLE Ball and...

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