Books received (August-September 2005).


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BAAS, JACQUELYNN. Smile of the Buddha: Eastern Philosophy and Western Art from Monet to Today. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005. 312 pp.; 40 color ills.; 59 b/w ills. Cloth $45.00 (0520242084)

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BARLOW, PAUL. Time Present and Time Past: The Art of John Everett Millais. Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate, 2005. 240 pp.; 45 b/w ills. Cloth $99.95 (0754632970)

BARNWELL, ANDREA D., GLORIA WADE GAYLES, AND LESLIE KING-HAMMOND. Amalia Amaki: Boxes, Buttons, and the Blues. Exh. cat. Washington, D.C.: National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2005. 128 pp.; 70 color ills.; 20 b/w ills. Cloth $35.00 (0295985410)

BARRINGER, JUDITH M., AND JEFFREY M. HURWIT, EDS. Periklean Athens and Its Legacy: Problems and Perspectives. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2005. 380 pp.; 1 color ill.; 159 b/w ills. Cloth $55.00 (0292706227)

BASSANI, EZIO, ED. Arts of Africa: 7000 Years of African Art. Exh. cat. Monaco: Grimaldi Forum Monaco, 2005. 224 pp.; 200 color ills.; 50 b/w ills. Cloth $65.00 (8876242848)

BATAILLE, GEORGES. The Cradle of Humanity: Prehistoric Art and Culture. Edited and translated by Stuart Kendall. New York: Zone Books, 2005. 226 pp.; 11 b/w ills. Cloth $28.95 (1890951552)

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BECK, ELEONORA M. Giotto's Harmony: Music and Art in Padua at the Crossroads of the Renaissance. Florence: European Press Academic Publishing, 2005. 251 pp.; 9 color ills.; 32 b/w ills. Paper [euro]25.00 (8883980301)

BEHR, SHULAMITH, AND MARIAN MALET, EDS. Arts in Exile in Britain, 1933-1945: Politics and Cultural Identity. New York: Editions Rodopi, 2005. 377 pp.; 38 b/w ills. Paper $95.00 (9042017864)

BELL, ROANNE, AND MARK SINCLAIR. Pictures and Words: New Comic Art and Narrative Illustration. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005. 144 pp.; 300 color ills. Paper $26.95 (0300111460)

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BOWLES, PAUL, EDWARD J. SULLIVAN, AND FRANCISCO CALVO SERALLER. Claudio Bravo: Paintings and Drawings. New York: Rizzoli, 2005. 454 pp.; 374 color ills.; 7 b/w ills. Cloth $150.00 (0847827496)

BRAYER, ELIZABETH. MAGnum Opus: The Story of the Memorial Art Gallery (1913-1988). Rochester, N.Y.: Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, 1988. 206 pp.; many b/w ills. Cloth $22.75 (0918098025)

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BROWN, DAVID ALAN, AND JANE VAN NIMMEN. Raphael and the Beautiful Banker: The Story of the Bindo Altoviti Portrait. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2005. 224 pp.; 40 color ills.; 60 b/w ills. Cloth $35.00 (0300108249)

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CHU, PETRA TEN-DOESSCHATE. Eden Close at Hand: The Paintings of Henri Martin, 1860-1943. Exh. cat. Beverly Hills: Anderson Galleries, 2005. 99 pp.; 28 color ills. $50.00

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COE, ERIN BUDIS, AND GWENDOLYN OWENS. Painting Lake George: 1774-1900. Exh. cat. Glens Falls, N.Y.: Hyde Collection, 2005. 88 pp.; 48 color ills.; 9 b/w ills. Paper $29.95 (0960671846)

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CURTIS, BRIAN. Drawing from Observation: An Introduction to Perceptual

Drawing. New York: McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2002. 336 pp.; many b/w ills. Paper $38.75 (0072410248)

CZUBEK, GRAZYNA, AND PIOTR KOSIEWSKI, EDS. Cultural Assets and the Problem of Property: The Case of Central Europe after 1989. Warsaw: Stefan Batory Foundation, 2005. 295 pp. Paper $10.00 (8374360305)

DAUNER, GUDRUN. Drawn Together...

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