Books available--July 2, 2014.


Baime: The Arsenal of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, and an Epic Quest to Arm and American at War. 364p.

Barzilai: 102 Days of War: How Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda & the Taliban Survived 2001. 167p.

Blackman: Nimrod: Rise and Fall. 223p.

Busha: The Fight in the Clouds: The Extraordinary Combat Experience of P-51 Mustang Pilots During World War II. 238p.

Denton: Believers in the Battlespace: Religion, Ideologyu and War. 231p.

Grandolini: Fall of the Flying Dragon: South Vietnamese Air Force 1973-75. 253p.

Head: Night Hunters: The AC-130s and their Role in U.S. Airpower, 423p.

Heaton & Lewis: The German Aces Speak II: WWII Through the Eyes of Four More of the Luftwaffe's Most Important Commanders. 296p.

Homan & Reilly: Black Knights: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen. 336p.

Jackson: Doctrine, Strategy and Military Culture: Military-Strategic Doctrine Development in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, 1987-2007. 185p.

Lambright: Why Mars: NASA and the...

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