AuthorGary E. Roberts
Date01 September 2002
Published date01 September 2002
Subject MatterArticles
Edited by Gary E. Roberts
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Ashworth, Kenneth. (2001). Caught between the dog and the fireplug, or how
to survive public service. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press,
208 pp., $19.95 (paper), ISBN: 0-87840-847-9.
A compendium of personal experiences, anecdotes, and lessons on the
real-life operation of government organizations, the book is organized
around anecdotal letters that provide guidance on the complexity and chal-
lenge of public sector careers.
Hattery, Angela. (2001). Women, work and family. Balancing and weaving.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 248 pp., $32.95 (paper), ISBN: 0-7619-1937-6,
$69.95 (cloth), ISBN: 0-7619-1936-8.
This book addresses the struggle to balance work, family, and personal
time based on interviews with 30 married women with children under 2
years of age. The focus is on the decision-making process underlying the
balancing process. Chapters include a discussion of models of motherhood,
paradigms underlying maternal labor force participation, child care issues,
and family power relationships.
Spector, Paul E. (1999). Industrial & organizational psychology (2nd ed.).
San Francisco:Jossey-Bass, 400 pp., $83.95 (cloth), ISBN: 0471-24373-6.
This text strikes a balance between practice and research in industrial/
organizational (I/O) psychology. Topic areas include job assessment, job
performance, performance appraisal, selecting and training employees, and
the social control of work. Special focus is placed on Internet applications
and international I/O issues.
Review of Public Personnel Administration,Vol. 22, No. 3 Fall 2002 248
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