Booklet harmony.

Author:Lejeune, Jules
Position:PACKAGING Spotlight

The label on perishable food packages may be extremely transient, but, despite its short life, it is still required to perform the key roles of providing both decoration for retail shelf appeal as yell as a considerable amount of product data. Achieving these twill goals can be challenging on small containers, but Harmony Fruit and Yoghurt Desserts. developed by Iowa, a leading Swiss bakery and foods manufacturer for major Swiss retail chain Migros, has proven that it can be done.


Harmony Fruit and Yoghurt Desserts are premium-quality, single-service fresh products, with a shelf life of just four days, packed in clear-lidded PET pyramid-shaped containers. They are offered in combinations featuring four fresh fruits-apricot, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry-and provide a delicious and healthy end to a meal. On the retail shelf, for such products, the consumer needs to be able to view the contents; to verify-via the label-the flavor offered; and read all the associated data-nutritional information, ingredients, weight, and sell-by date, etc. Space, however, is limited on the small, unusually-shaped Harmony containers.


Jowa's Head of Packaging Development, Christian Pfeiffer, knew he needed a special labeling solution, and challenged specialist label printer Pago AG to deliver the answer. Pago is a regular label print partner of Jowa, and has a particular expertise in the production of self-adhesive leaflet/booklet labels. Says Fredy Schob. Pago sales manager: Our experience with complex label shapes combined with booklet content really helped us to develop a label for the Harmony desserts that delivered all the content elements our client required and, at the same time, looked attractive and clearly identified the flavor in the pot. As a bonus, because the label also seals the pack lid--it additionally performs 3 valuable overt Camper-evident function."

Using a 60 micron gloss white self-adhesive PP film as the base carrier for the FSC paper...

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