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Since publishing my review of the Third Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts ("Federal Commercial Litigation") in 2013, two significant events relevant to this article have transpired--first, an expanded Fourth Edition of this exquisite treatise, with up-to-date amendments and twenty-five new chapters, was published, and second, I have retired from the federal judiciary and returned to the intrigues of private practice. Having now had more than a few occasions to seek guidance from its pages from this side of the bench, I stand firmly by my previous proclamation that Federal Commercial Litigation "should be every commercial litigator's litigation bible and should have a reigning presence in every commercial law firm's library." (1) Indeed, now expanded from eleven to fourteen volumes, the Fourth Edition (2) of this much-lauded legal anthology is, now more than ever, the greatest single depository of insight and practical guidance regarding federal commercial and business litigation in existence.

This superb compendium enjoys pride of place on my bookshelf not simply because of its handsome binding, but for the more sensible reason that I find myself reaching for it with some frequency. Whether I am seeking a quick refresher on a topic in which I am well versed, or a primer on an area in which I have not yet toiled, I continually rely on this treatise above all others because of the depth and breadth of its coverage and commitment to contemporaneity. The veritable who's who of authors and contributors, esteemed members of the commercial bench and bar, have and continue to ensure that the discussion of each subject includes the most recent cases and trends. The newest edition is a testament to the editor's unceasing quest to displace other well-known treatises as "the authority" on federal commercial and business litigation.

In addition to rivaling Moore's Federal Practice and Wright & Miller in terms of its treatment of federal procedure, the Fourth Edition of Federal Commercial Litigation distinguishes itself from these venerable authorities with its exhaustive discussions of seventy-eight substantive subjects pertinent to the federal commercial practitioner. (3) Inclusive of all the usual suspects, including securities, antitrust, banking, contracts, insurance, intellectual property, business torts, franchises, admiralty, labor, tax, e-commerce, and governmental and administrative agencies, there are, as well...

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