Book of Hours.

Author:Baker, Bill
Position:Book of Hours: A Wordless Novel Told in 99 Wood Engravings - Book review

George A. Walker (author); BOOK OF HOURS; Porcupine's Quill (Art) ISBN: 9780889843356

Byline: Bill Baker

The idea that all art is a reflection of reality is true for many reasons. After all, even the most reactionary art bears the dim but discernable negative imprint of the very thing that it strives to destroy, ignore, or reject.

A lesser known truth about art is that it generally works through an act of accretion. the steady accumulation and layering of information art generates interacts with its audience's consciousness and willing suspension of disbelief. This, in turn, can lead to a miraculous transformation of that most insubstantial of substances, our dreams, into reality -- even if it's only for a moment, and only within the vaults of our imaginations.

Given that, how does an artist portray something that is, to its very core, a negation of the most cruel and final kind? How to capture artistically an event so horrific, so apocalyptic, that quite literally it signaled the end of life as we knew it?

How do you make art about 9-11? Hell, how can you even make art after that terrible September morn?

George A. Walker's response is the Book of Hours, and it is eloquent, moving, and powerful.

Over the course of 99 wood engravings, Walker tracks the mundane activities of a small cast as they go about their daily routines in...

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