Book of Experts: Logicle helps your company see big data picture.

AuthorFowler, Jonathan

By Jonathan Fowler, Founder and CEO, Logicle

Every company uses data analytics in some form, from simple Excel spreadsheets to enterprise database servers and custom tools. It's easy to always develop things on the spot and never really focus on the big picture. Eventually, though, this band-aid approach hits a ceiling. Small and medium-sized companies often paint themselves into a corner by focusing on the immediate ad-hoc needs, not connecting data strategy to business strategy, and allowing a bad data environment to hold the business hostage.

At Logicle, we provide Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) to small and medium-sized companies and help turn patchworks of band-aid solutions into an integrated environment driven by a core data strategy. Logicle opens every customer interaction with a comprehensive (but brief) assessment that charts the various working cultures, the priorities for useful data, the challenges in getting that data, and a scaled score of data analytics maturity for each division within the company. Once this assessment is complete, the project roadmap is charted with the assessment results as a guide. In the end, the customer has partnered with Logicle and we have grown with them along the way.

Other companies may come in with a solution already in mind without understanding the customer first. Because Logicle is rooted in research and development, we always test assumptions. This, coupled with our philosophy of partnering with a client rather than restricting them to speaking with account...

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