A Book is Born: 24 Mom Authors Tell All.

AuthorBoler, Olivia
PositionBook review

Work Title: A Book is Born: 24 Mom Authors Tell All

Work Author(s): Nancy C. Cleary, et al.


54 b/w illustrations, 272 pages, Hardcover $24.00

Self Help

ISBN: 9781932279504

Reviewer: Olivia Boler

"We laugh that publishing a book is like having a baby---so prepare for the next nine months!" So begins this guide specifically tailored for women with children who have published a nonfiction book or are about to publish---also known as "mom authors." Women---and even men---will find many parts of A Book is Born helpful if they are novices in the publishing area.

Divided into chapters dealing with certain stages of publishing, and illustrated by the conceit that a book is an author's baby---from the idea "conception" to the "birth" of the published tome. All twenty-four contributors and their publisher, Nancy Cleary, founder of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, stick close to the metaphor. The contributors are also members of the Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative, and their books range in topic from infertility to cooking to being a military wife.

The chapters are formatted in two different sections: A narrative in which the contributors give their thoughts on a particular subject, like choosing book covers, how to get on Oprah (none have---yet), and their books' rankings on...

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