Book Explores Italy's TV by Explaining the Past.


Dom Serafini's new book, Veltroni e io ("Veltroni and I") focuses on three parallel tracks: digital TV in Italy (or the lack thereof), the failure of TV reforms that were promised in 1994 and the history of modern Italian television.

In this book, Serafini describes how Walter Veltroni, a powerful leftist politician with the backing of Italian industrialists and media magnate Carlo De Benedetti, has attempted to force his "punitive" legislation onto the Italian audiovisual landscape and, in the process, has wreaked havoc with the domestic TV sector and even the Italian government.

In Serafini's view, Italy is today influenced by three industrialists: De Benedetti on the left, Fiat's Gianni Agnelli in the center and Silvio Berlusconi on the right. Each figure has an arsenal of media properties at his disposal and often uses them to shape policy. The problem, as indicated in the book, is that each one of these three powerful and wealthy individuals cannot stomach each other and, consequently, the Italian public is caught in the crossfire.

Serafini compares the Italian TV industry to that of the Caribbean area and quotes an English magazine describing Italian TV as "the world's worst television."...

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