Bones to blame for looking older.

Position:Plastic Surgery - Brief article

Blame your bones if you think you look older. The shrinking of facial bones plays a surprisingly significant part in aging, reports a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Arlington Heights, Ill.

"Many people believe that only gravity creates wrinkles; however, we have discovered the loss of volume in the face and changes in bone structure also contribute to making us look older," reports David Kahn, ASPS member surgeon and co-author of the study. "As we age, not only do we lose fat in our faces, but our bones actually change in contour, often making us look older than we feel."

Facial bones remodel themselves with time, dissolving, shrinking, and leaving empty spaces. In addition, people lose skin elasticity with age. As bones shrink, the skin cannot tighten around the skeleton, causing drooping and wrinkles.

The study also found that women...

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