Bonds of Love and Blood; Short Stories.

Author:Morris, Kristine
Position:Brief article - Book review

Marylee MacDonald; BONDS OF LOVE AND BLOOD; Summertime Publications (Fiction: Short Stories) 16.99 ISBN: 9781940333083

Byline: Kristine Morris

Marylee MacDonald's wide-ranging short-story collection finds its settings in foreign lands and distant places around the world, from a beggar's apartment building in a maze-like neighborhood on the outskirts of Prague, where a distraught mother is seeking her runaway son; to a murky hotel pool in Vera Cruz, Mexico, where an abusive father and husband inflicts his tyranny on his wife and daughter; to the wintry, wind-scoured plains of Maine, where a farm woman and her hired man learn the limits of their independence and the comfort of their need for each other. But the physical...

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