Bolivar Heights: When Failure Is Not Final.

Position:Book review

Bolivar Heights: When Failure Is Not Final

Leighton Kramer

Christian Faith Publishing

9781642581881, $14.95, PB, 180pp,

Synopsis: In Bolivar Heights, Leighton Kramer deftly weaves a tale of intrigue through a series of stories and anecdotes. Leighton deals with some of the grim realities and challenges of the ecclesiastical world as seen and chronicled through the lens of a spiritual journey through them that is both unique and universal.

Characterized by simplicity in style, clearness of expression, beauty of diction, and strength of thought, "Bolivar Heights" is marked by an evangelical spirit and Scriptural soundness. By skillfully telling this story, Kramer brings the character, Clay Keane, and others to life in a most profound and intimate way, all the while weaving a tale in which love overcomes fear, hope overcomes despair, and...

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