A bold, new presence: Anchorage's Ted Stevens International Airport, top-ranked cargo airport in North America, gains new cargo facility.

Author:Morgan, Barbara


Lee Nunn, president of Anchorage Global Logistics Airpark Development Inc., has been receiving favorable comments about the new cargo facility that AGLAD Postmark LLC is developing at the airport.

"Air carriers and users have told me it's something Anchorage has needed for a long time," says Nunn.

The 28,000-square-foot building and aircraft parking ramp will be built on a 40.5-acre tract just south of FedEx. Its proximity to FedEx, UPS, and the post office establishes it as a strategic location.

The project is financed through private investors and bonds issued through Alaska Industrial Development & Export Authority (AIDEA). Bonds will be paid back by AGLAD through revenues generated.


The new facility is designed on a build-to-suit concept.

Initial tenants will opt to have their building space specially designed to meet their needs. "Preferential" tenants will also have assured parking reservations for all confirmed flights with flexibility for other flights.

Initial tenants can designate how much space they want and where they would like it to be in the facility. Some clients have asked for lockers, access to a fax, a conference room, a training room, and a window overlooking aircraft on the ramp.


The cargo building will provide space for each client to host operations, maintenance materials, and administrative space. AGLAD also will offer a co-shared day receptionist and large conference room.

AGLAD's plan is to have a facility that will accommodate the complete range of needs of the air-cargo industry. It may even have an international pilots' snack bar and shower facilities.


A centralized facility offers benefits and savings to all companies involved, says Nunn.

The savings will occur in three different areas: less equipment will be needed on the ground, the carrier costs will be less, and faster turn times (less time on the ground) for the aircraft will assist carriers in meeting schedules to avoid landing curfews at other international airports. AGLAD's facility will offer the closest private wide-body hardstands to the primary take-off runway at the airport.

The facility will include wider wing clearance for safety and for de-icing access to the planes.

Hydrant fueling, heated hardstands, pneumatics for air start, ground power, covered equipment parking, and extra ramp space for equipment are some of the other advantages of the new...

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