Bohjalian, Chris. Before You Know Kindness.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BOHJALIAN, Chris. Before you know kindness. Random House, Vintage. 429p. c2004. 14000-3165-6. $13.95. SA

Spenser McCullough--animal rights activist, father, husband, son--is accidentally shot with his brother-in-law's rifle by his teenage daughter on the first pages of this novel. The reverberations of that rifle shot make up the plot of the novel and the members of his family and his associates at his workplace fill out the character list. Everyone takes a turn being analyzed and fleshed out as the author looks at the social issues of animal rights and the legal issues connected with them, and, more importantly, at the family relationships that are altered when a disaster, especially one fraught with so much philosophical baggage, occurs. Bohjalian...

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