Bohemian Girl.

Author:Diehn, Andi
Position:Book review

Terese Svoboda (author); BOHEMIAN GIRL; University of Nebraska Press (Fiction: Literary) $14.95 ISBN: 9780803226821

Byline: Andi Diehn

Hollywood has handed us an American West of cowboys, cattle, train whistles, and Indian wars, but Terese Svoboda offers a different glimpse of history, from the perspective of a young girl abandoned by her father and forced to make her way in a world that has mostly cruelty to offer.

At a young age, Harriet is given to an Indian to pay her father's debt, a man intent on building mounds out of dirt and bones, no matter if his female slaves are exhausted to death through the endless task. Harriet survives; she is nothing if not a survivor. After escaping her harsh sentence, she meets up with a girl whose family has been killed by lightning, leaving her and a baby. They make an odd team that grows even odder when they meet up with an eccentric hot air balloonist and his companion.

Through a series of bizarre circumstances, Harriet finds herself the keeper of a shop in a frontier town where she nearly fits in, even with the lameness remaining from her years with the Indian. She accepts various new burdens, including the baby whom she raises as her cousin. But danger and disappointment are never very far away -- the people she meets all have agendas below the surface and only through her steadfast strength and self-reliance does she continue to overcome the obstacles in life.

As wonderful a character as Harriet turns out to be -- resilient, discerning, dependable, even funny -- it's Svoboda's...

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