Bobst launches AluBond for high-metal adhesion.

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According to Bobst, it has developed a breakthrough in high-metal adhesion. The Bobst AluBond process provides high metal adhesion and surface energy levels through vacuum metalization.

Traditional metalization, even with plasma treatment, can result in poor metal to polymer substrate bonding. This produces de-lamination, which leads to packaging failure and results in rejected work.

Part of the problem is low surface energy on the metal side, which also contributes to poor lamination bonding. There is increasing demand in the industry for higher levels of metal adhesion on metalized film due to the need for more complex packaging structures, which requires a lamination peel strength suitable for functional needs.

To address this common issue in the packaging industry through its vacuum metalizers, Bobst is eliminating the need for chemically treated films.

High bonding strength is achieved on any substrate with the Bobst AluBond metalizing process, the company says. This is an advanced metal adhesion technology where metal adhesion values can be achieved of up to 5N/15mm.

The Bobst AluBond process is an inline hybrid coating technology that promotes chemical...

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