Bob Curry remembers Harry.

Author:Curry, Robert
Position:Tributes From 2015 Conference - Harold Isaacs - In memoriam

In a way, it's easy for me to write about Harold Isaacs and the extraordinary life he led: all I have to do is to ask you to recall everything wonderful that you've ever read about other terrific persons and assume that I've just attributed them to Harold. He was extraordinary and our memories of him and his legacy will be with us for a very long time.

For me, personally, those memories began to accumulate decades ago when I decided to switch my research and teaching interests from Sub-Sahara Africa to Southeast Asia. Harold encouraged me to submit my work in the form of articles to our journal and to present papers at our annual meetings. Eventually he encouraged me to join our Executive Council and I did.

Although I was new to the Council, Harold encouraged me to work on an idea I had: it was to create a Teaching Committee as part of the Council's structure. The idea was accepted and the Teaching Committee became part of the ATWS. I served as its first Chair and Harold and others encouraged me to establish a program that would select (competitively) graduate student academic essays that would receive awards and would be published in the JTWS. Professor Lily Mendoza followed me as Chair and the program continued to help to launch the careers of outstanding...

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