BOARD PRIORITIES: An NACD survey reveals top concerns and challenges for corporate directors in 2018.

Author:Steffee, S.
Position:Practices/Update - National Association of Corporate Directors - Brief article

Most corporate directors say significant industry change--driven by technology disruption, consolidation, and shifting regulations--will have the greatest effect on their companies in 2018, according to the National Association of Corporate Directors' (NACD's) 2017-2018 Public Company Governance Survey. Other top trends are business model disruption, changing global economic conditions, cybersecurity threats, and competition for talent.

"A close look at this survey reveals that today's directors are facing unprecedented challenges, demands, and expectations that amount to a new mandate for boards," NACD President and CEO Peter Gleason says. The survey of 587 corporate directors representing 520 public companies gives insights into directors' 2018 outlook on key business trends and board priorities.

Among those concerns is the impact activist investors have on strategic goals. The survey notes that companies under pressure from activist investors to deliver short-term results are more likely to report compromised long-term strategic...

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