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The Audit Committee represents the Board of Governors in matters concerning the Bar's auditors, Its duties include recommending the selection of a firm to be engaged to perform the annual audit, working with the auditors in determining the scope of their examination receiving comments, if any, from the auditors and when necessary, recommending to the Board fiscal and accounting policy changes.

At least five members serve on this committee which meets whenever the need arises.

Term Expires Russell W. Divine, Chair 2005 Warren Lindsey, Vice Chair 2004 David W. Bianchi 2005 Jesse Diner 2005 Micheal T. Kranz 2004 Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics

This committee, composed of at least seven members of the Board, makes preliminary review of advisory ethics opinions appealed to the Board of Governors from the Professional Ethics Committee and advisory advertising opinions appealed to the Board from the Standing Committee on Advertising. The committee votes to affirm, modify, or withdraw the advisory opinion. The committee's decision is then reported to the full Board of Governors for approval or modification.

Henry Latimer, Chair

Steven E. Chaykin, Vice Chair

Gregory S. Parker

John F. Rudy II

Lawrence Ringers

Gary J. Leppla


The Budget Committee is responsible for recommending to the Board of Governors a budget which implements the approved programs of the Bar after receiving input from the Program Evaluation Committee. Fiscal and budgetary policy changes are formulated by the Budget Committee with input from the various parts of the Bar affected by such changes; proposed policies are sent to the Board of Governors for approval.

Preparation of the budget usually begins in September and is substantially completed by February. Generally, one meeting of three days is held in Tallahassee, and a one- or two-day meeting may be held in Tampa for preparing the budget. The Rule requires notice of additional meetings in the five appellate districts, which may be canceled if no one requests to appear at the meeting.

The nine-member committee alos reviews the financial statements and budget amendments for each Board of Governors meeting. Meetings for this purpose are usually held immediately preceding the Board of Governors meeting.

Term Expires Jesse H. Diner, Chair 2005 Jerald S. Beer, Chair-elect 2004 Russell W. Divine 2005 Mayanne Downs 2006 Chas. Chobee Ebbets 2005 Gary J. Leppla 2006 James S. Lupino 2004 William H. Phelan, Jr. 2004 Timon V. Sullivan...

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