BMW unveils new $100M logistics facility in Spartanburg County.

BMW Manufacturing today officially opened its new $100 million logistics center, unveiling what it calls a "more efficient, sustainable and digital operation."

The new centerfor X models, called LCX, is nearly 1 million square feet, located along Freeman Farm Road near the manufacturing plant in Greer in Spartanburg County. The project involved building two private bridges over Interstate 85 and Freeman Farm Road. Becknell Industrial built the facility.

"This investment in itself is a milestone of collaboration," Spartanburg County Councilmember David Britt said during the unveiling.

A fence runs through the building, separating the new container freight station from BMW's Foreign Trade Zone. Parts and goods enter the warehouse in one side to be separated. Parts used at the manufacturing plant can be moved there from the facility.

The duty-paid material...

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