BMW investment in Russian production put on ice.

PositionBMW Group, BMW Manufacturing Corp.

BMW Group hasput the brakes on all sales and manufacturing in Russia.

"BMW takes the position to stop now the shipping of products to Russia," Robert Engelhorn, CEO and president of Plant Spartanburg, told SC Biz News on March 2, a day after the decision. "Russia, we assume had a total roughly of 50,000 vehicles sold last year."

The company also has some suppliers in Ukraine, he said. According to industry publication Automotive News, the nation supplies wire harnesses used in BMW electrical systems, as well as 70% of the neon used in the global production of computer chips. Eleven companies in the nation manufacture wire harnesses, followed producers of electronics, seats and plastic products, according to Ukraine Invest.

The chip shortages have not slowed BMW production, he said.

"We can say at least for last year, we did not lose one single car," he said about the ongoing semiconductor shortage, which was highlighted at last week's 2022 S.C. Automotive Summit in Greenville. "For sure, we will see further shortages throughout this year, and for sure, be affected by the worldwide crisis situation. We have to work closely with our suppliers to resolve these topics and see how we can improve the overall situation in the next months and in...

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