BMW announces, breaks ground on $20M training center.

Through a $20 million investment, BMW Manufacturing wants its future workforce to quite literally think outside of the box and the classroom.

BMW broke ground today on a 67,000-square-foot training center on its campus as part of the company's five-year $200 million investment into workforce training.

Some classrooms used for professional development and technical training will be housed inside but an amphitheater along with a hybrid meeting-workspace, complete with wireless capabilities, will serve as a focal point for the project.

"The most important investment for BMW is our people," Knudt Flor, president and CEO of BMW Manufacturing, said in a news release. "The rapid pace of digitalization, electrification, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving is transforming the automotive industry. Advancing the skills of our workforce is a priority for BMW. This training center will offer a learning environment that promotes creativity, fosters innovation and improves technical training skills."

As reported in an earlier article in GSA Business Report, BMW Manufacturing sold more hybrid vehicles in 2020 than any year prior after the expansion of the company's battery assembly hall in 2019. Sky Foster, corporate communications manager, said the company aims for a 50% increase in electric car sales, including hybrid models, in 2021.

The company expects for up to 25% of all global sales to go electric by 2024.

"The BMW Group continues advancing its model offensive of electrified vehicles," Foster said. "Electro mobility is becoming a key driver of sustainable growth for the company."

The training center, located...

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