Blue Mafia.

Position:Tim Tolka's "Blue Mafia: Police Brutality and Consent Decrees in Ohio" - Book review

Blue Mafia

Tim Tolka

Independently Published

9781980962656, $12.00, PB, 301pp,

Synopsis: "Blue Mafia: Police Brutality and Consent Decrees in Ohio" is the true story of Attorney Richard Olivito, the son of a judge who was born and raised in a town with a pattern where police beat residents for the least infraction, accepted payoffs from bookies, planted drugs on dealers, exploited sex workers and retaliated against anyone who complained.

After Olivito successfully defends a black man accused of drug-trafficking, death threats and assassination attempts drive him on secret trips to speak with D.C. attorneys at the Justice Department who come to investigate.

The local and state authorities would do anything to put his career on ice and end the embarrassment of federal civil rights enforcement in their backyard. In the height of his career, the Ohio Supreme Court comes after him, attacking his sanity, his ethics, and his law license.

In a state where the cause of civil rights carries a death sentence, the epic saga of the only attorney in America to bring down two police departments, paving the way for the removal of the chiefs and the imposition of a federal consent decree. Olivito's victories would cost him everything. Blue Mafia shows that small towns have even more severe police misconduct than many major metro areas by recounting the causes and consequences of two federal investigations of local police misconduct.

Steubenville was the second city in the U.S. to sign a consent decree with the Justice Department, but nobody really knows why. Little do local residents know, the county narcotics squad was committing crimes similar to the LAPD's Rampart Scandal and the county prosecutor was setting up, robbing, and framing innocent locals and drug dealers alike.

Warren had the fourth oldest Justice Department investigation in...

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