Blood Rust.

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Blood Rust

W. Hock Hochheim

Lauric Press

1314 West McDermott, Suite 106-811

Austin, TX 75013

9781932113709, $16.95, 272 pp.,

Synopsis: Once an NYPD detective, Rusty was a rising rock star in the Organized Crimes Unit. Then, Mob members and corrupt cops lure Rusty to Grant's Tomb and shoot him in the head. The detective in Rusty dies. The meat puppet Rusty is all that remains, now a brain damaged, paranoid, criminal psychopath terrorizing the streets of Newark, NJ. Years later, Alphonso "The Crepe Hanger," one of the hit men who lured Rusty to Grant's Tomb, reveals the old China Doll case Rusty solved was an elaborate con, executed by the Mob in an international drug smuggling conspiracy. Soon the State will execute Steverino Downing, the man convicted, for a crime he didn't commit. And shooting Rusty was the Mob's way of clearing up loose ends. This news ignites something deep in Rusty's exploded brain. He must find a way to free Downing. His obsession leads him to the Freedom Science Foundation, a group run by the internationally renowned Dr. Sad Prevell and Peter, a former SAS South African commando. Both...

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