Blood Island.

AuthorStinson, J.G.
PositionBook review

Work Title: Blood Island

Work Author(s): H. Terrell Griffin

Oceanview Publishing

Hardcover $24.95 (248pp)


ISBN: 9781933515212

Reviewer: J. G. Stinson

Matt Royal has sold his share in the corporate rat race for enough money to live as a glorified beach bum in a Longboat Key condo near Sarasota, Florida. A former military man who's now an unofficial private detective, he doesn't really have to work for a living, but when his ex-wife asks him to locate her wayward step-daughter, Peggy, Royal never hesitates. After all, he's still in love with his ex. Upon that tangled emotional web, Griffin builds a tale of confused youth, domestic terrorism, and single-minded devotion on both sides of the good vs. bad divide. The book deals with personal loyalty, overcoming the warrior mentality to live in a civilian world, and not letting the world's evils poison the soul. Royal's personal code of honor is sorely tested when his search for Peggy un-covers a murder plot aimed at him, and a terrorist ploy aimed at hundreds of innocents. Royal's response to these schemes has him walking a tightrope between the law and revenge. Griffin is muscling in on territory claimed by John D. MacDonald and Carl Hiassen (among others) in their popular Florida-set novels. Comparisons are inevitable, but Griffin is taking a...

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