Blood Bound.

Author:Stinson, Janine
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Keshia Swaim (author); BLOOD BOUND; Spencer Hill Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 9.95 ISBN: 9781937053451

Byline: Janine Stinson

Swaim expertly weaves realism and fantasy elements together to produce a novel both familiar and foreign.

Dealing with self-esteem issues and rising to a challenge are themes often contained in young-adult fiction. Blood Bound avoids the pitfalls of YA fantasy -- no maudlin characters in a boring travelogue here. Instead, Keshia Swaim spins a scintillating tale of a young woman realizing her true powers while learning to navigate the labyrinth of her relationships.

Blood Bound follows Brielle Reed, seventeen years old, half fae, and about to start her first year of college in Texas. She is also a newly developed mind-reader still practicing how to control her mental "radio." Still coming to terms with her fae legacy (she learned of her gifts months before starting college), her life is further complicated by the fact that her boyfriend, Alex, is distancing himself from her, bit by bit. She's still learning about fae politics, and college barely begins before she's told that the conflict between the two factions in the fae world is heating up. Brielle has a lot on her plate.

Swaim layers magical powers and fae conflicts between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to the realistic teen angst in Brielle and her...

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