Blood and Circuses.

AuthorMorin, Donna Russo
PositionBook review

Work Title: Blood and Circuses

Work Author(s): Kerry Greenwood

Poisoned Pen Press

212 Pages, Hardcover $24.95


ISBN: 9781590582350

Reviewer: Donna Russo Morin

Many agree that prolific Agatha Christie led the Golden Age of the Mystery in the early twentieth century. Immediately reminiscent of a Christie mystery, Blood and Circuses by Kerry Greenwood is an entertaining whodunit set in that idiosyncratic time period.

The murder reveals itself as the victim's blood drips through the floor and into the teacup of the formidable Mrs. Witherspoon, whose boarding house is home to a cast of eccentric circus performers. One boarder, a Miss Parkes, had already served time in prison for the murder of her husband and becomes the lead suspect.

Phryne Fisher, a recurring character for Greenwood, is a scandalous woman by the standards of the times; she curses, travels extensively, poses nude for artists, and has multiple lovers. She is also sorely lacking in motivation: "There seemed to be no reason to get up and go through the process of being dressed when there was no one she wanted to see and nothing she wanted to do," Greenwood writes.

It was the perfect occasion for Alan Lee, carnival performer and ex-lover, to re-enter her life. Ill luck shrouds his present association, Farrell's Circus and Wild Beast show, putting it and his own living in serious danger. All sorts of costly and threatening events have plagued them, now including the death of Mr. Christopher, formerly of Mrs. Witherspoon's boarding house and a circus performer. Alan asks for, and gets, Phryne's help. Phyrne agrees to disguise herself, join the circus and attempt to discover the source of the mayhem.

The circus and carnival...

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