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Federal Onshore Oil & Gas Pooling & Unitization - part 1
(Oct 2014)


Joseph Galluzzi
U.S. Bureau of Land Management, New Mexico State Office
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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JOSEPH GALLUZZI is a geologist for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) New Mexico State Office in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During his time with the BLM, Joe has also worked at the Carlsbad Field Office (Carlsbad, New Mexico), where he was involved with both fluid and solid minerals, and at the Farmington Field Office (Farmington, New Mexico), where he was involved with solid minerals. Prior to joining the BLM, Joe worked as a geologist for a civil engineering company in Minnesota and was involved with mining and civil engineering projects. In the past, Joe has worked on United States Geological Survey, Center for Earthquake Research and Information, and Mid-America Earthquake Center-funded projects throughout the Mid-South. In a different life, while attending college, Joe was a licensed riverboat pilot and tankerman on the Mississippi River, involved with maritime fuel-oil supply and distribution. He holds B.S. and M.Sc. degrees in Geological Sciences, both from the University of Memphis.

BLM New Mexico (New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas)

Joseph Galluzzi


Carlsbad Field Office Farmington Field Office Oklahoma Field Office
Edward Fernandez Jim Lovato Douglas Cook
Petroleum Engineer Petroleum Engineer Geologist
575.234.2220 505.564.7735 918.621.4133

New Mexico

43 CFR 3186.1 , Paragraph 11:

"... the area known or reasonably proved to be productive of unitized substances in paying quantities or which are necessary for unit operations..."

❖ Geologic/Reservoir Parameters Used to Determine PA

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State spacing also used to delineate PAs

General Spacing:

Oil: 40 acres (92%)

Gas: 320 acres (63%)

160 acres (34%)

Minimum acceptable PA: Spacing unit of a well

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Carlsbad Field Office

(Southeast NM/Permian Basin)

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Initial Unit

Geologic/Reservoir Parameters


Lease Holdings

[Page 6C-5]

Fully Participating, Undivided Units

Known Resource Play

Operator has Controlling Interest

Very Stringent Plan of Development

Farmington Field Office

[Page 6C-6]

Oklahoma Field Office

(Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas)

Exploratory Units

- Rare -

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