Bliss for your head: Bowers & Wilkins new P5 S2 has the mojo to put a smile on your face.

Author:Trevino, Joseph
Position::TECH REVIEW - Product/service evaluation

One of the challenges of hearing great music these days is more and more of us are living in apartment complexes, with some major cities having about half of their populations residing in them.

Turning up a good stereo system or Bluetooth speaker at full blast is out of the question with pesky neighbors who wish to cancel out all noise and seem at war with anybody having any sort of fun. Gone are the days when people had a tolerance for other folks to enjoy themselves in a healthy way; we have mostly turned into cultural fascists, imposing our views and silence on a world that desperately needs music.

This is where some good headphones are lifesavers. And for the price, few can match Bowers & Wilkins' P5 S2.

The P5's are in their second generation. They were released late last year; the original versions came out in 2010.

From the moment you unbox them you know that these are some classy headphones. Sumptuous, soft leather surrounds the removable ear cups, as well as the head seat, with a stainless steel frame and a solid connection cable that does not let you forget that you are holding some high-end equipment.

At this point, you might be saying, all of this is good, especially if I am forking out $300 for them. But how about the sound?

For the new P5's, Bowers & Wilkins borrowed some of the technology from their flagship headphones, the P7's. Good move.

The previous generation sounded excellent but these second generation headphones sound even better. No, the P5's cannot match an expensive stereo system (but they are a lot cheaper), yet if you have some good MP3 players, a CD or a lossless...

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