Blindsided: Surviving Career Meltdown.

Position:Book review

Roger E. Hawkins Ph.D.; BLINDSIDED: SURVIVING CAREER MELTDOWN; Booksurge Publishing (Business & Economics) $18.99 ISBN: 1439261547

In the current economy books about life during unemployment are in great demand. Losing a job can feel like the end of the world but writers like Roger E. Hawkins Ph.D. help smooth the way back to confidence courage and hopefully successful employment.

In Blindsided: Surviving Career Meltdown Hawkins begins by asking readers to take a close look at their professional past present and future and to parse out the goals that matter the most. Unemployment Hawkins believes can be an opportunity to realize some of these goals. Write down as many different answers as you can to the question: Who am I? he says. Taking stock of ones self is a vital step on the road to fulfilling employment

Resume preparation networking interview techniques and follow-up strategies are covered in subsequent sections. Hawkins who has worked with major corporations on employment issues such as hiring and downsizing offers sample resumes and cover letters and a list of nearly one hundred action words that will make applicants sound competent and professional. To prepare for interviews readers would do well to follow the advice he offers such as Ask questions. Convey the impression that you also have to be sold.

The most useful part of this book is the wide array of forms Hawkins includes in each section like the Interview Planning Form and the Job Prospect Form. From the brainstorming stage to follow-up correspondence he offers specialized worksheets that will keep...

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