Blind Vengeance.

Position:The Mystery/Suspense Shelf - Brief article - Book review

Blind Vengeance

Barry Hoffman

Crossroad Press

141 Brayden Drive, Hertford, NC 27944

9781934267424, $14.99, 312pp,

Synopsis: Teenager Renee LeShay has been kidnapped by Norman Flowers, an unhinged target of homicide detective Lamar Briggs; Flowers thinks he has abducted Briggs' daughter Alexis. Shara Farris, a bounty hunter and Renee's legal guardian, has to unmask and locate the abductor before he tires of torturing Renee and kills her. Renee, aware she is not the intended victim, assumes Alexis' identity and engages in a battle of wills with her kidnapper. Blind Vengeance is a taut tale of full of twists and turns, with Renee's sanity and life in the balance.

Critique: "Blind Vengeance" is the fifth title in author Barry Hoffman's...

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