Blasting Back At: The Blitz. More Than 40 National Organizations Oppose Religious Right-Led Scheme To 'Christianize' U.S. Law.

AuthorBoston, Rob

The backers of Project Blitz, a Religious Right-led effort to pass bills in the states reflecting far-right fundamentalist theology, are learning that they've got a fight on their hands.

Since its exposure last year, Project Blitz has been under critical, and growing, scrutiny. Now Blitz opponents are stepping up their game--in a very public way.

On Jan. 31, a broad coalition of prominent religious, civil rights, secular, LGBTQ and reproductive-freedom organizations joined together to urge state lawmakers across the country to oppose legislation that uses religion as the basis for discrimination.

The organizations issued a national statement warning legislators of Project Blitz's alarming effort to transform religious freedom into a sword to harm others, especially women, LGBTQ people, religious minorities and the nonreligious.

Americans United has been at the forefront of fighting back against a new wave of Christian-nationalism bills that are at the heart of Project Blitz. As part of its effort to derail the Blitz, AU has been tracking these bills nationwide and notes an escalation in their introductions around the country. (For more information, and to watch a short video AU made about Project Blitz, visit:

But AU is doing more than just monitoring the situation. It is imperative, the organization says, to strike back--and the more voices that are willing to do that the better.

"This diverse group of powerhouse organizations and religious denominations came together to expose the truth behind Project Blitz--Christian nationalism and the weaponization of religion as the basis for discrimination," said Rachel Laser, president and CEO of Americans United. "Project Blitz aims to corrupt our cherished principle of separation of religion and government, the cornerstone of religious freedom for all. That's why our broad coalition is joining together to speak out against this divisive, dangerous agenda that has no place in America."

The statement lays out in clear detail the threat posed by Project Blitz, calling the effort "a three-tiered framework of state bills meant to incrementally redefine religious freedom and tear down the separation of church and state, with each tier laying the groundwork for the next."

Project Blitz was cooked up by a number of Religious Right groups and first came to light last year after journalist Frederick Clarkson wrote an article exposing the effort.

Clarkson, who has worked with...

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