Blackwood, Gary. Shakespeare's scribe.

Author:Tibbetts, Sally M.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Sequel to The Shakespeare Stealer). Penguin, Puffin. 266p. c2000. 0-14-230066-7. $5.99. J *

Due to the outbreak of the Black Plague and the closing of the Globe Theatre, the acting troop of Lord Chamberlain's Men, which happens to include William Shakespeare and his brother, are forced to tour England. When Shakespeare's arm is broken, the young Widge steps in with his writing skills as the master works on his plays. In this delightful sequel to The Shakespeare Stealer, Blackwood presents a realistic peek into this fascinating period of history. Widge, who serves as narrator, gives us some gruesome looks into the deadly effects of the plague. His skills in medicine help the traveling caravan of struggling actors and often save the day.

Widge is a wonderful character, with insight, humor and all the miseries of a typical adolescent. Trying to locate his mother, the orphan runs into a mysterious man who might well be his father. Both Widge and the...

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