Author:Morrow, Patricia
Position:Brief article - Book review

Julianne Donaldson (author); BLACKMOORE; Shadow Mountain (Fiction: Romance) 15.99 ISBN: 9781609074609

Byline: Patricia Morrow

Admirers of Austen, Gaskell, and the BrontA' sisters will enjoy this light tale of romance set in the early nineteenth century. The heroine, Kate Worthington, appears to be deadA-set against marrying. She has set her sights instead on an excursion to India with a favorite aunt, but her mother, angered by Katherine's refusal to land a husband, won't agree to the travel scheme so Kate escapes to Blackmoore, home of her childhood friend Henry Delafield. If Kate can obtain three proposals of marriage while she is there, she will be permitted to reject them and travel to India.

While the plot is a bit farA-fetched, Donaldson has used it to inject humor into the situation...

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