A Black Way of Seeing: From "Liberty" to Freedom.

Author:Boyd, Herb
Position:Book review

* A Black Way of Seeing: From "Liberty" to Freedom by Paul Robeson Jr. Seven Stories Press, May 2006 $23.95, ISBN 1-583-22725-3

Among the several things to commend in A Black Way of Seeing is the singular voice and perspective of Paul Robeson Jr. In the Introduction, he announces: "I speak only out of my own personal way of seeing, feeling and thinking." Fortunately, his summations are shared by millions in the country who are fed up with the Bush Administration and its unjust war in Iraq; who believe they were hoodwinked in the last two presidential elections; and who, like Robeson, blame the current regime for the deliberate and cruel neglect of the black and poor along the Gulf Coast following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

One other thing should be noted: In the subtitle, Robeson places "liberty" in quotation marks. He cites the Declaration of Independence to make his point, noting that the great document "stresses liberty," but makes no mention of freedom. It could not have used the word "freedom" without directly confronting the issue of slavery as the ultimate denial of "liberty," he observes. Therefore, "freedom" was omitted.

In one of...

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