Black Magick.

Author:Dabbene, Peter
Position:Brief article - Book review

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott (illustrator); BLACK MAGICK; Image Comics (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 16.99 ISBN: 9781534304833

Byline: Peter Dabbene

Rowan Black, a practicing witch who's also a police detective, is being hunted by friends and allies alike in the second volume of Black Magick, Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott's noirish take on spells and sorcery.

Much of Black Magick is structured like a well-crafted police procedural, as Rowan investigates the death of a man who's somehow connected to her long history of witchcraft. She's got a rich supporting cast, including a partner who's worried about her and a fellow witch who's her confidante.

Bits of information are revealed piece by piece -- including a flashback to Rowan's initiation into witchcraft -- as the stakes build to a major confrontation. Along the way, there are plenty of nice touches that give a sense of immersion into this world, including "found" accounts of character history, not to mention the...

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