Bits and Pieces.

Position:The Mystery/Suspense Shelf - Brief article - Book review

Bits and Pieces

M.A.R. Unger


4900 LaCross Rd., North Charleston, SC 29406

9781499710939, $14.95, 284pp,

Synopsis: Forensic artist Matti James seeks change when she moves to Henderson, Nevada. She adopts a dog that digs up human remains, joins a women's mystery club intent on solving cold cases, and learns her neighbors have ties to the Russian Mafia. Add two resident Inbetweeners who are not exactly alive and Matti's life becomes decidedly different. When her dog unearths a bullet-ridden skull, both the living and the dead want her stopped. As she begins forensic reconstruction, Matti discovers this was no ordinary Mob hit. Solving the murder becomes personal when she's put in the line of fire. Will police sergeant Luis Martinez and shadowy neighbor Joe Chauncey help or hurt her efforts? How far will Matti go to...

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