Birthing a Better Way.

Author:Foster, Claire Rudy
Position:Book review

Kalena Cook (author), Margaret Christensen (author), Christiane Northrup (author); BIRTHING A BETTER WAY; University of North Texas Press (Health & Fitness) $24.95 ISBN: 9781574412970

Byline: Claire Rudy Foster

Midwife Mara Black says, "Women seem to be compassionate in labor. They don't want to be too noisy, they're self-conscious -- excusing themselves and being apologetic. Sometimes it is hard for them to receive care." A mother's fear or self-consciousness can slow down labor, increasing the likelihood that she'll need medical intervention later on. The solution is to be informed and self-aware, so that when the time for birth comes, the mother is empowered and ready to cope with the process of giving birth. Birthing a Better Way offers stories, techniques, and vital information for the mother interested in natural childbirth. Drawing from a diverse population of women from all cultures and walks of life, Birthing a Better Way makes natural birth seem accessible without excluding the possibility of medical intervention.

Focusing on positive thinking, authors Kalena Cook and Dr. Margaret Christensen reiterate the basics about natural childbirth. "Women have been giving birth for thousands of years," they remind the reader. "Natural birth is not just for athletes, but ordinary women like you." Deciding to have a birth with no medical interventions (such as a C-section, unless it's an emergency) or medications (such as an epidural or opiates) seems radical these days. But, Cook and Christensen remind the reader, the benefits of working with a midwife and letting birth happen at its own pace can be a wonderful experience --...

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