Birthday Suit.

Author:Leeper, Angela
Position:Children's review - Brief article - Book review

Olive Senior (author), Eugenie Fernandes (illustrator); BIRTHDAY SUIT; Annick Press (Children's: Picture Books) 8.95 ISBN: 9781554513680

Byline: Angela Leeper

Little Johnny, almost four years old, would rather run around naked than keep his clothes on. Who can blame the active boy when he spends most of his day on a tropical island where the sun smiles down on him and the ocean waves from his front door? His mother, on the other hand, believes that it's time for Johnny to act his age, and starts him off with new "big boy" red swim trunks. It's not long before he's wriggled out of the trunks and back into the comfort of skin alone.

No matter what his mother tries to lock him into -- buttons, bows, strings, zippers, or "the thingamajig that Johnny rips with that lovely tearing sound," he simply refuses to stay clothed. When his father suggests a "man-to-man" talk, Johnny begins to imagine all the things he will be able to do -- play with friends, kick a soccer ball, or ride the bus to school -- if he wears his clothes properly. And...

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