AuthorStuart, Nancy Rubin
PositionBook review

Work Title: Birthday

Work Author(s): Koji Suzuki


216 pages, Softcover $13.95


ISBN: 9781932234824

Reviewer: Nancy Rubin Stuart

If the "interpretation of dreams are the royal road to the unconscious," as Sigmund Freud once said, Birthday by Koji Suzuki is a highway to the horrors of human evil. Composed by Japan's bestselling postmodern master of chill, Birthday is a collection of short stories from Suzuki's Ring, Spiral, and Loop told in the voices of several women victimized by the murderous ghost Sadako.

Suzuki begins Birthday with "Coffin the Sky," the riveting story of the pregnant Mai Takano, the anguished sweetheart of missing professor Ryuji Takayama. Mai, while searching for the missing pages of Ryuji's last article, discovers a strange videotape that leads to a horrifying conclusion.

In a partial explanation of Mai's fate, Suzuki rewinds to 1965 in Birthday's central story, "Lemon Heart," about the beautiful Sadako's escapades with a lover during her theatrical debut as the Girl in Black with an ensemble, Theater Group Soaring. At eighteen, Sadako appears to have "all the innocence of a young girl," but skillfully seduces the theater's director, twenty-three-year-old sound technician Hiroshi Toyama.

Suzuki then fast-forwards to November 1990, when Hiroshi, now forty-seven, a professional sound designer, a husband and father, awakens from a nightmare about Sadako's stage debut. In it, Hiroshi flees from the sounds of an incriminating tape booming from an isolated booth above the stage. Disquieting as was that dream, Hiroshi remembers it was a recurrent one he had twenty-four years earlier following Sadako's mysterious disappearance.

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