Bird, Bird, Bird! (A Chirping Chant).

Author:Breau, Elizabeth
Position::Children's review - Book review

Work Title: Bird, Bird, Bird! (A Chirping Chant)

Work Author(s): April Pulley Sayre, author; Gary Locke, illustrator


38 color illustrations, 32 pages, Hardcover $16.95

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9781559719780

Reviewer: Elizabeth Breau

"Wandering Tattler, Timberdoodle, Teal. Nutcracker, Gnatcatcher, are these real?" the author asks. Only a bird lover would be able to answer this question confidently, but even those whose avian inventories are limited to blue jays and swallows will enjoy this peppy poetic catalog of North American birds. Veteran nature writer Sayre shares her sense of humor and bird smarts in this cheerfully silly follow-up to Ant, Ant, Ant! (An Insect Chant) and Trout, Trout, Trout! (A Fish Chant). Youngsters will be entranced by the lilting cadences of Sayre's impeccably rhymed couplets, and the older people who read to them will marvel at how smoothly the exotic names of the different species rhyme.

A new couplet on each two-page spread lengthens the list of colorful bird names: "Worm-eating Warbler, Woodpecker, Wigeon. Piping Plover, Poorwill, Pintail, Pigeon." The wigeon is identified in the book's glossary as a duck that "eats plants in fields, marshes, lakes, and large ponds." Poorwills, like bobolinks and chachalacas, are named for the sounds they make, and timberdoodles are noted for their spiraling courtship flights.

This is illustrator Gary Locke's second...

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